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All your Landscaping and Lawn Care needs.
We Service Plum Borough, Penn Hills, Monroeville, Murrysville, Oakmont, Verona, Harmer, Lower Burrell and surrounding areas!!

Services that we offer:


 Retaining Walls     


Tie Walls

Patio Designs

Grass Services

Weekly Lawn Mowing



Over Seeding

Complete New lawns
Landscaping Services

New Landscape and Designs

Flower Planting

Weed Removal

Mulch Application



Hedges / Shrubs

Tree Trimming and Removal

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Fallen trees and leaves

Yard Debris

Power Washing  

Patios / Decks

Driveways / Sidewalks



Wood Fencing



If you require any other services not listed, Please don't hesitant to ask!!

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Ian O'Neil
Fully Insured
Established 2007

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